Steelers DT Cam Heyward Clowns Aaron Rodgers Over Photo Of Jets QB Looking Jacked, Neglects Bigger Picture

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With the 2023 NFL season on the not-so distant horizon, Aaron Rodgers is looking strong. However, one defender who could face the four-time MVP in the postseason is not impressed.

Rodgers will be the starting quarterback of the Jets this fall after 18 years with the Packers. His offseason ayahuasca trips are behind him and the focus is on his first year with New York.

To get in peak physical shape before training camp, he has been working closely with Proactive Sports Performance. The California-based training facility champions performance, longevity and injury prevention.

We utilize a broad arsenal of tools to deliver innovative and efficient workouts that keep clients consistently engaged and evolving. Our dedication to orthopedically-safe exercises enhances client health and longevity.

Proactive Sports Performance

Those emphases are crucial for Rodgers at his age.

In a recent photo posted by Proactive Sports Performance, the 39-year-old looks jacked.

Rodgers’ muscles set the NFL world on fire and had everybody talking. Cam Heyward, a defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was not as impressed.

Cam Heyward chirped Aaron Rodgers.

He clowned Rodgers over the amount of weight in his hands.

While Heyward found Rodgers’ choice of weights to be weak, the three-time First-Team All-Pro neglected to consider the purpose. Exercise that includes higher repetitions of lower weights is a very common practice. It reduces risk for injury, which is Proactive Sports Performance’s entire ethos.

Decreased strain is placed on joints when movement involves lesser weight. At the same time, high reps of low weights builds muscle endurance and definition, where low reps of high weights increase muscle mass.

Rodgers doesn’t look beefier in the photo that was posted of his workout. He looks cut, jacked, ripped, shredded— whatever you want to call it. Low weight, high reps!

Unfortunately, the Steelers and Jets will not play during the regular season. Rodgers vs. Heyward will have to wait for the playoffs if they can get there.

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