Aaron Rodgers Is Dating Mallory Edens? That’s The Rumor

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According to the gossip pages, it’s a done deal, Aaron Rodgers is dating Mallory Edens, the heiress to the Milwaukee Bucks franchise.

Rodgers, who was last linked to a practicing shaman named Blu of Earth, who famously announced that she’s not a witch, has been spotted with Edens, 26, at Bucks games, but not in a relationship way. Things have officially changed, according to SportsGossip.com, which seems to have some seriously well-placed Rodgers sources.

“Mallory Edens has had her eye on Aaron Rodgers for a very long time,” a source told the media outlet. “Mallory has always wanted to be in the public eye. It looks like she might’ve found her ticket. Mallory was at the Packers last game, and she was supporting her new boyfriend and favorite team by wearing their gear. Nothing says I’m all in like throwing on your boyfriend’s teams’ gear.”

Aaron Rodgers and his alleged new girlfriend Mallory Edens enjoying an early December Bucks game. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

The source adds that Rodgers, who has been friendly with Edens for years as she became more involved with the Bucks when her father, Wes, bought the Bucks, always felt Edens was too young for him.

And now, according to that source, things have changed. The heiress with a Princeton education is officially in the picture, the source says.

As for Blu of Earth, let’s take a look at one specific message she sent out before Christmas.

While Blu won’t come out and say she’s pissed about this situation, her social following seems to know something is going on with her emotions.

This is a great time to remind all of you of the situation Blu found herself in around mid-December. She was stuck in Peru during a civil uprising waiting for a commercial flight out of the country that kept getting canceled. It wasn’t like there were rockets being launched by the military and yet Rodgers didn’t send a private jet to rescue Blu.

It was crystal clear then that the relationship was over. It just wasn’t clear that Rodgers had officially moved on to Edens, the heiress who doesn’t have shaman-inspired forearm tattoos.

And now we have an ultimate (alleged) Wisconsin superpower relationship to keep an eye on heading into the final week of the NFL season.

Buckle up.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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