Report: Aaron Rodgers Adamant He Won’t Return if GM Remains

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It has been two days since the Aaron Rodgers drama sucked the life out of Packers’ fans’ lives. In the latest development/leak, Yahoo Sports reports that Rodgers is “adamant” that he will not play for the Packers if general manager Brian Gutekunst remains in charge.

“The reigning league MVP remains adamant that he won’t return to the team under the current stewardship of general manager Brian Gutekunst, a source in Rodgers’ camp said, and that he’s willing to weigh hardline options at his disposal — from refusing to show up for offseason activities to holding out of training camp and possibly retirement,” Yahoo reports.

“Asked if anything could be done to repair the relationship between Rodgers and the team, the source said a reconciliation may not be possible if Gutekunst remains and that team president Mark Murphy is aware of the quarterback’s feelings about the general manager,” the reports goes on.

In cryptic fashion, the source speaking with Yahoo dropped this five-worder: “The ball is in Mark’s court.”


A report comes out because someone wants it out. Rodgers’ camp wanted this out. It sent a message, a strong message to the Packers. It’s Rodgers or Gutekunst, or at least that’s how the source wants the Packers to interpret it.

On its face, Rodgers or Gutekunst it’s not much of a decision — it’s Aaron Rodgers. Yet considering the Packers wasted a first-round pick on Jordan Love in 2020 — one of the many reasons Rodgers is rightfully upset — Green Bay may not see the decision as a slam-dunk. Then again, if Green Bay thought Love was anywhere close to ready, it’d agree to trade Rodgers and avoid this misfortune.

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  1. the man is gonna leave a division he has owned for a decade to go play where? Denver? So he has to beat mahomes twice a year just to get to the playoffs?

    every division is loaded except the AFC south.

    maybe this is A Rog’s way of getting out of his engagement. she won’t marry a guy that lost his job 🥸

    • Dude…Brady is 43…and he threw 3 straight picks…all of them inside Green Bay’s own 30 yd line and the middle pick should have been a TD to Mike Evans if he jumped for it (it tipped his fingers and was picked at the 5 yd line).

    • The Packers GM, who started as a GB intern (not like he was some top-rated Asst GM from another organization), never…that’s NEVER drafted an offensive player in the 10 years he’s headed up the draft. Wait…last year was the first year he DID PICK an offensive player…an honorable mention/third rated in the Mountain West Conf QB who never helped the Pack a lick. And this year? A CB drafted first.
      You guys talk about “the Peter Principle” all the time in politics and gubmint…so, wha? It doesn’t count in the NFL when an empty suit gets to decide the fate of one of the NFL’s once-great franchises?

          • Easy guys..their GM worked his way up in the biz as does every other GM…maybe he was an intern at some point, but he worked his way up through the scouting ranks. He’s helped build a team that only lost 6 regular season games the past 2 seasons. Sure, Rodgers is a bit part of that, but it is a team game. Also, the media narrative that Rodgers doesn’t have weapons and no first round WRs is a complete joke – they had the best offense in the NFL last year with a top 5 RB, OL, WR and TE. I’m mean, what else does Rodgers need to win a SB? He just can’t get it do for as good as he is, it’s just part of his legacy.

          • I guess that’s the point, Ray…but since the president of the Packers won’t fire his rubber-stamp GM, Rodgers is saying enough is enough. The GM had the ballz last draft day (in 2020) to explain the Jordan Love pick to the media by saying Love was the best player left on their draft board. If that’s not incompetence then it doesn’t exist.
            The Packers could have picked impact offensive players like Chase Claypool (TE), Jonathan Taylor (RB) or Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB who Patrick Mahomes told KC he wanted for them, and he was picked by KC), but they took an honorable mention 3rd team All Mountain West Conf QB. A QB? A third best QB from the Mountain West? Hello…if that wasn’t the GM (and Pres) telling Rodgers what they thought of him…
            So what did Rodgers do? He had his best season ever pretty much, but the GB defense (#15 ranked), not so much.
            If a HOF QB has no self respect, then he’d go back to the cheeseheads and keep his mouth shut, but it seems Rodgers has had enough.

      • Packers NEVER drafted an offensive player in 10 years? Then how did they get Aaron Jones, Davante Adams, David Bakhtiari, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Robert Tonyan? Were they all undrafted FA signings? If so, that’s pretty darn good. Now thrown in offensive players who aren’t with the Packers anymore like Corey Linsley, JC Tretter, Jamaal Williams, and Randall Cobb and I would say those are some of the best undrafted FA signings in NFL history.

        Oh wait, they were all drafted by the Packers. So stop the nonsense that the Packers NEVER drafted an offensive player in 10 years until they took Jordan Love. No team goes 10 years with only drafting defensive players. Go watch Danny Dimes throw 40 interceptions this year and enjoy a 4-13 season.

  2. If they had traded him there would have been a 30 million salary cap hit.
    They will trade him later.
    3 preseason games and quarterback will get hurt.
    A team trade for him and use him for a year and then trade him again.
    If Mahomes or Brady go down….guess who will be available.

  3. Alright, I’ve rooted as hard for Rodgers as anyone, but it’s time for him to go if this is true. Nobody is bigger than the Packers franchise…the GM has build a very good team around him, and he’s so pissed about the Love pick he can’t get over it. Ok then, he’s a team cancer and needs to be sent to Denver or Hollywood. It’s over.

      • Don’t buy into the ESPN “experts” narrative — the Pack had the best offense in the league last year, that wouldn’t happen w/o any weapons. He had D. Adams, A. Jones, a top 5 OL, and R. Tonyan who turned into a top 5 TE. Yes, their 2nd WRs aren’t fantastic but they’ve been decent enough – heck, Valdez-Scantling had 4-115-1 vs. the Bucs in the playoffs. Rodgers has had plenty of talent to win it all, he just hasn’t delivered in the playoffs for whatever reasons. He’s played just average in many big playoff games. And the no first round WR media fixation is also nonsense – all these WRs were picked in the 2nd round or later and played much better than many 1st rounders: Adams, Cobb, Nelson, Driver, Jennings, and James Jones. The media fake news is creating a false narrative that doesn’t match reality.

          • The D did step up – picked off Brady 3 times. Rodgers couldn’t get it done in the clutch…had the ball down 5 in the 4th quarter twice and went three and out both times…

          • You’re right, MC…and I’m not a Packer backer (lifelong NYG fan)…I had Tampa Bay and was LOVIN’ every minute and every frustrated look on the Packers sideline !

  4. They’ve paid this arrogant prick a kings ransom I mean some people have real problems go on and get the fuck outta here . Well he had a good enough offense last year to grab number 1 seed get a first round bye all playoffs at home and yet still didn’t get it done just sayin

  5. Not sure why he was so pissed about JLove. He’s an aging QB, and his team has to look to the future. That being said, he had his best season in ages after a little competition entered the realm.

      • I agree with you. I don’t understand why people aren’t looking back at Brett Favre’s unretirement, and how the Packer organization said, Well, if he comes back, he’ll have to compete for his spot, because we’re moving on. That was Brett Favre, 2 Super Bowls (1 win), 3-time MVP. (I don’t understand how Aaron Rodgers doesn’t recall the support he received back then, either. Then again, maybe he just takes it for granted.)

  6. This is an easy call. You coddle Rodgers as much as possible and you ultimately back the GM. Rodgers calling out the GM is ultimately an indictment on his own teammates. No player is bigger than the team, and I’m a Packer fan saying that. Gute should be judged on the sum of his work as GM, not being held hostage by a prima donna at the end of his career. Play, don’t play, I could give a fuck.

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