College Baseball Umpire Cusses Out UCF Batter In Embarrassing Display Of Over-Reaching Authority

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There is nothing worse than when an umpire makes the game all about himself, which is exactly what happened in the AAC on Friday. UCF hosted Wichita State in Orlando for the final three-game regular season series of the year.

The Knights took Game 1 as part of a doubleheader on Friday morning but didn’t find the same success in Game 2 later that night. They fell behind 12-7 after giving up four runs in the top of the ninth inning and had three outs to get them all back.

Senior Tom Josten struck out swinging to get things started with out number one, which brought redshirt junior Andrew Brait to the plate. Yes, that rhymes. No, it was not intentional.

Brait dug into the box and quickly fell behind 1-2. He took the fourth pitch of the at-bat for what appeared to be Ball 2, high and away. It may have clipped the corner, but it looked outside and up.

The umpire did not see it that way. Strike three was called and UCF was down to its final out.

Brait was pissed and turned to the umpire to let him know that he disagreed with the call. A few choice words were exchanged and then the ump took it way too far.

Regardless of what Brait said, there was no reason to react in such a manner. The umpire appeared to cuss at Brait. He seemingly told him to “get the f—k out of here” and “f—k you.”

Clearly, the ump was not pleased with Brait’s choice of words. It doesn’t matter.

To swear at a college kid, as a professional umpire, is a tough look. If he was really that upset with what Brait said, he should have thrown him out.

Ump show.

Written by Grayson Weir

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