Reasons Deebo Samuel Wants Out Of San Francisco And What Are 49ers Doing About A Trade

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So Deebo Samuel has become the hot topic du jour in the NFL.

He wants to be traded from the San Francisco 49ers. And he wants a contract that pays him at least $25 million per season.

But why does he want out?

And where is he going to go?

The why:

Samuel has not given reasons for requsting a trade, but one NFL player who has spoken with Samuel in recent weeks told OutKick Thursday morning one reason is because Samuel wants to be regarded as a premier NFL receiver. Period.

“He ain’t all about people thinking he some utility guy,” the player said.

Samuel showed his versatility with the 49ers in 2021, collecting a career high 1,405 receiving yards but also rushing 59 times for a career high 365 yards.

So perhaps Samuel, who seemingly embraced the role as a rusher in the backfield and on sweeps last season, wants to show he’s as good a receiver as any without the additional bells and whistles of playing as a running back.

But maybe he doesn’t want to expose his body to taking as many hits like running backs do. And perhaps he doesn’t see a way for his role to change in San Francisco if he stays there.

Side note: It’s likely any team that tries to trade for Samuel will believe his versatility running the ball out of the backfield would be something to add to the offense rather than simply ignore it.

Another reason Samuel would like to leave San Francisco, another source said, is because he rather be closer to home back east.

β€œHe wants out of California,” the source said.

And now as to where he’s going to go:

The San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday started receiving calls from several teams asking about Samuel. It’s unknown which specific teams called and whether they were just exploratory calls to measure San Francisco’s willingness to trade Samuel or calls with firm offers.

But one NFL source said he heard the 49ers were very cool to the idea of trading Samuel.

It’s possible this is how the 49ers are going to handle the situation — by declining to trade Samuel.

It’s also possible the 49ers are simply taking an initial negotiating stance.

The timing of this situation is quite good for everyone involved.

If the 49ers want to trade Samuel, the week before and all the way up to the first two rounds of the NFL draft is a good time to get a premium pick for Samuel.

And teams needing a top receiver and willing to make that trade can actually allow themselves to be on the clock — if it takes that long for a deal to manifest — and see which receivers from the draft class are available before offering a pick or picks for Samuel.

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  1. I’ve often wondered what offensive players like Samuel think of playing for Shanahan. If you look at his, and his father’s, history in the NFL they leave a trail of broken players in their wake. I can’t remember the last time a Kyle Shanahan team made it through a season without multiple RBs and WRs injured. The Super Bowl Atlanta team?

    But since taking over in San Francisco, their offensive skill players have taken a beating. I understand injuries in the NFL are a way of life, but it seems like Shanahan’s players, especially star players, get wrecked more often than other teams.

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