A Photo With Donald Trump Reportedly Led Jalen Hurts To Leave Lil Wayne’s Agency

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Donald Trump is at the center of a breakup between Lil Wayne and Jalen Hurts.

According to Skip Bayless, Hurts and his agent Nicole Lynn left Lil Wayne’s Young Money APAA Sports Agency over a photo Wayne took with Trump.

Specifically, Wayne met with Trump in 2020 to discuss a $500 billion package to “uplift black communities.” The initiative was known as the “Platinum Plan.”

After the meeting, Wayne posted a photo on social media standing next to Trump in the latter’s signature thumbs-up position:

Bayless says that photo had “something” — be it a lot or little — to do with why Hurts and Lynn left Young Money:

What’s more, Wayne endorsed Trump for president that November. Trump then pardoned Wayne on a federal weapons charge in January 2021.

While not a reporter, Bayless is a personal friend of Wayne’s. Skip claims Lil Wayne is one of his dearest pals.

The two gather together often in Los Angeles, as per Bayless’ Instagram.

So, Bayless is not speculating. His information came from Wayne, or someone close to him.

It’s also not hard to imagine a simple photo with Trump causing Hurts and Lynn to depart Young Money.

Lynn’s entire reputation is attached to identity.

She’s a media darling. The likes of ESPN didn’t praise her for brokering Hurts’ new $255,000 contract because it set an NFL record. Rather, they praised her because she did so as a “black woman.”

Lynn’s self-written online profile references her gender in the intro.

She could not risk working for an agency overseen by Lil Wayne, a black Trump supporter. Thereby she left for Klutch Sports Group in 2021.

At Klutch, Lynn works for the team of LeBron James. No risk in status there.

Bowing to China is much less damaging than supporting Trump — even when Trump worked to spend half a trillion dollars on the black community.

Jalen Hurts must agree. He also left Lil Wayne shortly after taking a photo with Donald Trump.

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