A Hippo Swallowed A 2-Year-Old Child Before Spitting Him Back Up

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A hippopotamus swallowed a two-year-old boy entirely before eventually spitting him back up.

Well, I didn’t expect to be writing THAT sentence on a Thursday afternoon.

A toddler was swallowed by a hippo in Uganda before locals began throwing rocks at the animal who eventually released him. (Getty Images)

The unidentified toddler was playing near a lake in Uganda when the massive animal snatched him up with his huge jaws, according to Capital FM Uganda.

Fortunately, some smart onlookers began pelting the hippo with rocks, eventually forcing it to vomit up the child. The animal then went back into the water. The toddler was rushed to a local hospital where he regained consciousness and has since been released.

A hippo swallowed a Ugandan toddler (Getty Images)


I mean this is just a, dare I say, wild story. A damn hippo just eating a kid whole?! I didn’t have that on my bingo card. It just goes to show that being here in America I sometimes legit have no idea what goes on in other parts of the world. I have to worry about deer on the side of the road that are a nuisance or may run out into the road. Not about hanging out and, oh I don’t know, getting eaten by a damn hippopotamus.

I also found out that hippos are one of the world’s most deadliest animals to humans – killing about 500 a year! Sharks average only about 6! Just unreal.

Ugandan police warned local residents living around animal sanctuaries such as lakes or wild life centers to watch out for stray animals.

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