A Guy Sold His Whole Collection Of Red C4 Corvettes From Every Year They Were Made

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The Chevrolet Corvette is an iconic American car that has won at some of the world’s most prestigious racetracks and can be found in countless garages.

However, that doesn’t mean it was immune to its share of bad haircuts.

And good cars, much like art and haircuts, are in the eye of the beholder.

In this case, the beholder is Steve Clinkinbeard — an accountant from Kansas — and he was such a fan of the fourth-generation ‘Vette that he bought at least one every year they were in production.

Every one of them is in red.

When people talk about their favorite era of Corvette, the C4 isn’t always brought up. It marked a massive overhaul in the Corvette’s design. While it’s far from the most popular iteration of the iconic sports car, it’s undeniable that the screams “mid-1980s!!!!” even though its production run lasted from 1983 through 1996.

Still, in recent years the C4s have become popular with collectors, which was good news for Clinkinbeard.

A 1984 C4 Corvette from Mecum Auctions’ “The Red C4/ZR1 Low Mile Corvette Collection.” (Mecum Auctions)

How The Red C4 Corvette Collection Came To Be

Whether he fancied a quality American sports car or was just one hell of a Prince fan, Clinkinbeard bought his first Corvette in 1985. However, life happened and he sold his dream car in 1992.

However, 30 years later he got a hankering to get his dream car back.

“I got the urge to buy one in 2012 and started shopping around,” Clinkenbeard said to FOX News Digital.

He said he got a good price and from there he had the idea of getting at least one car from every year the C4s were in production. The C4-loving car collector amassed a collection that included a handful of high-performance ZR-1 models.

Clinkinbeard’s collection hit the auction block this month through Mecum Auctions and was quite the attraction under the name “The Red C4/ZR1 Low Mile Corvette Collection.”

While they may not be the most sought-after Corvettes out there, it’s tough to argue they aren’t something to behold. Maybe time has just been good to them.

If you’re thinking that one of these bad boys would look nice in your garage/apartment complex parking lot, I’ve got bad news. The entire collection has already sold.

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