A Beautiful Wisconsin Beer League Line Brawl Breaks Out Over A Stolen Stick

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You want to see running through a brick wall to get your stick back in a beer league hockey game? Let’s go to Appleton, Wisconsin and the Appleton Family Ice Center where we have ourselves one of the best line brawls you’ll ever see over a stolen stick.

Reddit user Thos25 explains what happened:

“This happened in my beer league (not my team though, fortunately). Guy #1 got upset and took an opposing players stick and started skating to the bench,” the Reddit poster said. “You can see him with 2 sticks shortly into the clip. Guy #2 didn’t take too kindly to that, and torpedoed himself into Guy #1 on the bench.

“This is supposed to be an “open league” meaning players in various skill levels will play. With that said, usually what happens is 3 or 4 teams take it super seriously and have a lot of talent while the rest of the pack is made up of buddies and other lower-skilled players. It varies. I believe the 2 teams in this video are of higher skilled, even though these events unfolded.”

Yep, it’s not too hard to follow the action here. We have #69 flying all over the place on that bench along with what appears to be a guy wearing an “RU 18” sweater. Nothing says Wisconsin beer league like multiple 69s and RU18s.

I need to talk to the guy who torpedoed in. I need to see his SPHL stats. There is zero chance he gave up the body like that and hasn’t played for it all at the SPHL level. This screams multiple bus rides per year from Knoxville to Birmingham and at least 120 PIMs.

And if you’re on the teal team, I need to know some of the other names on the back of those sweaters. Slide into the DMs on social: @joekinseyexp

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. 69 is now an economic savings thing. It is the most widely available number due its popularity in previous decades, so these low budget teams naturally gravitate to 69 jerseys. It’s the same reason barns were commonly painted red.

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