A 4-Year-Old Climbed Into An Arcade Toy Machine And Got Stuck

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A four-year-old decided to try her luck at an Australian amusement park’s toy claw machine by actually climbing inside of it. And it went exactly as you would think.

A four-year-old got stuck inside an amusement park’s toy claw machine after climbing inside. (Facebook/MelaniePike)


Melanie Pike of Queensland, Australia says that she was on vacation with her family at an amusement park when suddenly one of her daughters told her that four-year-old Poppy was stuck inside one of the prize machines.

Sure enough, mom went to see what was going on and found Poppy hysterically crying inside the stuffed animal machine. Apparently Poppy had been dared by her sisters to climb into the arcade game and pass out all the teddy bears from the machine.

Ahh, the classic older sibling tormenting the younger kid. Happened to me all the time from my older cousins and sister. They routinely blamed everything on me, or would make me do something for them and then I’d get in trouble.



When Melanie found her daughter inside the machine, mom reacted in interesting way.

“My partner was shocked but I just started laughing,” Melanie told Australia’s Channel 7 news.

“How are we going to get you out?” she asked Poppy.

Eventually mom and dad were able to help their daughter by pulling her legs through the prize door and she eventually made her way out.

You can’t blame a kid for wanting to go into one of those toy machines. When they see a ton of prizes and stuffed animals that they want, of course they’re going to do whatever they can. Be it throw a tantrum at mom and dad until they win one, or in Poppy’s case – actually crawl inside the machine.

claw vending machine with toys

What’s hilarious though is she’s not the first child to do this.

A few years ago a two-year-old climbed inside an arcade machine at an Alabama pizza place.

Only in that case, the boy was really stuck inside. The prize door only opened inward, meaning that he couldn’t get out. The restaurant eventually had to call first responders who carefully took apart the machine and let the toddler out.

However it’s not just kids that are drawn to the temptation to steal a prize. A few years ago a thief was so desperate for a prize that he climbed into one and grabbed one of the prizes, as captured on surveillance video:

Hopefully this sort of thing won’t become a trend.

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