90-Year-Old Tennessee Grandma Battles Bear With Her Lawn Chair

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90-year-old Tennessee grandma has advice for those of you in bear country — be on high alert this weekend while enjoying time on your patio.

You need to have your head on a swivel. Bears mean business this year.

“We’ve had bears, they get more common each year,” Altha told WVLT in Knoxville. “I’ve seen it before, but I hadn’t been out around it because it has the cubs, but I’ve been sitting here long times when they walk up here and they don’t bother you.”

Grandma lawn chair bear Tennessee
90-year-old grandma Altha Williams went face-to-face with a bear at her Tennessee home / WVLT

Not this time!

Pooh bear wasn’t in a playing mood, but Altha had her own secret weapon — one of her lawn chairs.

“I was just sitting here, hadn’t been here more than two or three minutes,” Williams said. “Evidently it heard me. It just made a lunge at me.”

The bear was able to land a glancing blow to Altha’s arm, but she wasn’t going down like that. This granny fought back with her lawn chair and Smokey was off and running scared back into the woods to find a meal at a more hospitable feeding spot.

Eventually, the bear that attacked granny was caught and was euthanized.

Altha’s arm needed to be bandaged up after battling a bear at her Tennessee residence / WVLT

It’s been a busy week in the Smoky Mountains where a 3-year-old girl and her mother were attacked while camping. That bear ripped through their tent and scratched the mother and daughter before taking off.

“In this incident, the bear was likely attracted to food smells throughout the area, including dog food at the involved campsite,” Lisa McInnis, Chief of Resource Management with Great Smoky Mountain National Park said. “It is very difficult to deter this learned behavior and, as in this case, the result can lead to an unacceptable risk to people.”

Head…on…a swivel! Those bears are hungry.

And don’t forget these beasts can open doors.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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