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66% of Twitter Voters Believe Sports Media Is Rooting Against Sports Returning

Total141 On Monday news broke that several members of the Miami Marlins had tested positive for the coronavirus. The reaction on Twitter among sports media was swift: the general consensus immediately became that it was virtually impossible for the NFL or college football to play this fall and that Major League Baseball should consider either More

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Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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  1. Clay, it seems you chased away everyone from commenting on your post. Can I be the only one? Even though you may not read it, I am still going to comment. It is for my own well-being.

    People pay more attention to negativity than positivity. If you want to make a living based on only spreading good news, you will starve in our current culture (sadly). Good news sports stories, unless they are about championships, just don’t have the same legs as any sensational story.

  2. For the price of my VIP membership Clay, I expect you to read my post! I’m kidding, and I agree about not worrying what people think about you. I’ve always given that advice to employees, because if you do, you will just lie in the fetal position in your bed all day. Do we care what others think about us, of course we do, but have confidence in your convictions, yet have the humility to admit when you are wrong.

    I agree mostly with your second hypothesis, though all of them sound plausible.

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