49ers George Kittle Says QB Trey Lance Looks ‘Significantly Better’ Than Last Year

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The San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation — as it was last season — will be one of the most focused-upon storylines across the NFL. While everyone and their mother knew there was going to be some kind of quarterback drama, tight end George Kittle may have just fanned those flames a little bit.

Kittle spoke to the media during OTAs and from what he’s seen so far, Trey Lance has drastically improved.

“I’m not gonna lie to you guys,” Kittle said. “I think Trey looks significantly better than he did last year. I really do. His confidence is there. He’s throwing really good passes.

“He overthrows people once in a while. Hey, it is what it is; he’s still learning and stuff. But, just watching him, he looks so much more comfortable in the pocket. I really appreciate that from him from all the work that he’s put into it.”

Kittle was sure to praise all of the team’s quarterbacks — including Sam Darnold, Brandon Allem, and injured late 2022 starter Brock Purdy — but singled out Lance again.

“He just looks comfortable back there. He just looks like he’s having fun,” Kittle said. “I really appreciate that from him, because when he’s out there having a good time, it definitely brings up everyone around him.”

Lance will be vying with Darnold and Purdy for the Niners’ starting job. Although, as Kittle mentioned, some have been impressed with Brandon Allen, so maybe he has an outside chance of getting the nod.

The 49ers have had an interesting history with quarterbacks as of late, and this three-way (maybe even four-way) battle to start is the latest chapter.

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