Tiger Woods Won’t Tie Knot Without Prenup

The PGA legend has PTSD after losing nearly $100 million to ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

Tiger Woods, 46, is changing his strategy in his second go at marriage after reportedly asking his longtime girlfriend Erica Herman to sign a prenup before tying the knot with the golfing champ.

“Tiger won’t wed without legal paperwork to protect his finances and assets. He’s been burned before and doesn’t want to get taken to the cleaners again,” announced the latest issue of Star Magazine, where an insider source detailed the conditions set by Woods as talks of a proposal heat up.

Woods and Herman have been dating since 2017. The two met at Tiger’s restaurant, The Woods, where Herman worked as a manager.

The magazine reported that the two sides are comfortable with the ultimatum.

“Erica is okay with making a deal but not if it leaves her high and dry, so she’s digging in hard for the best terms,” the magazine noted. “She feels he owes it to her.”

“The way Erica sees it, she’s proven that she’s not a gold digger,” the source added. “She deserves a little security, should things not work out.”

Herman was cited as a major source of support for Woods amid his return from a severe car accident that nearly cost him his leg in February 2021.

“Three months in the hospital, multiple surgeries and all that excruciating therapy has made him realize how lucky he is to be here,” the insider said. “Tiger is in such a great place and credits Erica for keeping him strong and happy.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. PTSD from having to hand over a tenth of his money to his ex? I’ll have to tell my brother-in-law that seeing that suicide bomber blow up a street full of kids at the gates to their Kabul Headquarters 2 years ago was nothing compared to the REAL PTSD of a billionaire drunk driver.
    On second thoughts, I might leave it, he doesn’t sleep at night as it is worrying about his kids safety! Talk about glib references for first world problems isn’t gonna help HIS PTSD!

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