28 Groups Protest Biden Administration’s ‘Unlawful’ Title IX ‘Gender Identity’ Changes

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The Biden Administration’s attempt to change Title IX regulations has been met with stiff resistance.

Last year, Biden’s Education Department proposed changes to Title IX that would expand the meaning of sex discrimination to include “gender identity.”

There’s also been plans to allow biological males to compete in women’s sports and share locker rooms.

According to Fox News, another set of “regulations” will be released by the Education Department in a few months specifically addressing transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.

But a number of groups are fighting back against the destruction of competitive fairness.

Fox News reported that “a diverse coalition of lawyers, subject-matter experts, parents, civil rights groups and former education officials said the Biden administration’s additional anticipated regulations will ‘unfairly’ penalize female athletes.”

The groups submitted a letter explaining how new regulations would “subvert” the requirements of Title IX rather than fulfilling it.

“The Department does not have the legal authority to issue regulations that would subvert rather than fulfill the requirements of Title IX by permitting or requiring biological males who identify as females to compete in sex-separated women’s sports and to use the intimate facilities and shared spaces of female students … we anticipate that the coming rulemaking on athletics will similarly conflate gender identity with Title IX’s sex-based protections and degrade those very protections,” the letter read.

Biden Administration Title IX GEnder Identity
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Biden Making Dangerous Changes

One of the letter’s organizers pointed out that reframing Title IX to cover transgender athletes could result in substantial harm.

“More importantly, if the administration proceeds with its radical rewrite of Title IX, it will result in severe harm to biological women and girls and cause them to lose positions on athletic teams, awards, scholarships and prizes, as well as risk bodily harm in certain sports,” said Bob Eitel, president of the Defense of Freedom Institute.

That’s why several prominent individuals have spoken out against the practice of transgender athletes competing against females.


But the Biden administration has continued to move further and further to the left to appease activist pressure.

Instead of protecting women’s sports and competitive fairness, they’ve bowed to radical gender ideology.

Changing Title IX would make it even easier for transgender athletes to dominate women’s sports and take financial opportunities away from biological females.

Common sense would dictate that these changes would not be justifiable or appropriate. So naturally Biden’s administration maintains it’s “critically important” to allow biological males to compete in women’s sports.

Written by Ian Miller

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