$250K To See The Titanic As Deepsea Tourism Is Now A Thing

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If your idea of a great vacation involves getting crammed inside a submersible and traveling several miles beneath the cold north Atlantic waters to see the Titanic, then you’re in luck.

You’ll just need to pony up a quarter of a million dollars to do it.

OceanGate Expeditions is a tourism company that takes paying customers and loads them in submarines to check out shipwrecks and underwater canyons.

The company offered two trips to see the Titanic over the summer and customers had to pay $250,000 to climb aboard for the eight-hour trip. OceanGate is planning another trip down to the once-thought unsinkable ship in 2023.

The ship is currently sitting on the bottom of the ocean about 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland. Not exactly a stone’s throw, so you’ll face a bit of a voyage just getting to the site.

That’s a steep price to pay for what amounts to a half-day James Cameron fantasy camp, but there’s no doubt that it’d be a once-in-a-lifetime experience,

A passenger using a rowing machine in the Titanic‘s gym. Little did he know, pumping his rowing guns would come in handy. (Photo by: Pictures from History/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Space Tourism Is So Last Year

That said, are we already bored with space tourism? Didn’t that just become a thing a few years ago?

Now that a bunch of billionaires and William Shatner have blasted themselves to the final frontier in recent years, it must have become pedestrian.

Adventurers are always looking to one-up each other. If you think about it, more people have been in space than have visited the Titanic since it side-swiped an iceberg in 1912.

That’s the only way to one-up an astronaut.

“Oh you’ve been to space, that’s cool. Yeah, space just doesn’t excite me as much anymore so I decided to check out the Titanic. It was as cool as like three trips to space.”

If you don’t have a quarter of a million to blow on a Titanic expedition, OceanGate was nice enough to put together a sizzle reel in glorious 8K.

Maybe save yourself some money and just cram yourself between your couch and the wall and watch that video. That’s how you get the sensation of going down to see the Titanic for a fraction of the price.

No need to worry about getting the bends that way either.

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