Aerial Photos Show Lengthened, New-Look 13th Hole At Augusta National

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Back in mid-July aerial photos showed that the Par 5 13th hole at Augusta National was undergoing major renovations. Thanks to new birds-eye view photos, we can see just how much the iconic hole has been lengthened.

Rumors about the hole being lengthened have been circulating for years now. In July we were given evidence it was finally happening and Eureka Earth has shared quite the update.

It certainly looks like the new tee box will be ready to be used for the 2023 Masters in April.

The Par 5 has traditionally been played as a 510 yard hole, but this new tee gives the club the ability to make the hole significantly longer.

The New-Look 13th At Augusta

The renovation to lengthen the 13th hole has been a long time coming.

Augusta Country Club borders the 11th and 12th holes along with the 13th tee at Augusta National. So, if Augusta National wanted to push the 13th tee back it would have to purchase land from its neighboring club.

Augusta National and Augusta Country Club finally came to an agreement, and ANGC acquired the land in August of 2017. This finally gave Augusta National the ability to lengthen the reachable Par 5.

Adding 20 or so yards to the hole is incredibly significant as this will keep longer hitters from cutting the corner. It will likely still be a reachable Par 5 for the majority of the field, players will be forced to hit a longer iron into the green.

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