13 Women Suing Deshaun Watson Must Now Be Named in Lawsuits, Judge Says

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Thirteen of the 22 women accusing Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct and sexual assault must resubmit their civil lawsuits with their names attached to them.

Watson’s attorneys filed emergency motions Thursday asking judges to hear the quarterback’s argument that keeping Jane Doe’s name anonymous is unlawful.

During a Friday press conference held by Watson’s legal camp, Hardin’s team reiterated the idea that there was a side of Watson the general public didn’t know and said Buzbee was preventing it from being seen.

“All I am asking is that we give this man the same benefit that the woman should get,” he said. “The woman should get the benefit that she may be telling the truth. The man should get the benefit also.”

The plaintiff’s attorney Tony Buzbee held a press conference Wednesday where Ashley Solis, the first accuser to speak out publicly against Watson, and Lauren Baxley, another woman suing Watson, discussed their experiences.

“People say I am doing this for money, that is wrong …,” Solis said. “I come forward now to bring change in our society. I am seeking justice not just on behalf of myself but for all survivors.”

During the Friday press conference, Hardin said Solis claims it is not about money, but was willing to never speak about the allegations again if she were paid — he states this is a relevant fact of the case.

In a statement to OutKick on Wednesday about the $100,000 demand, Buzbee said:

“It’s old news that we attempted to settle this case with Watson’s team before filing the first case. We attempted to avoid this circus that Watson’s team has created.  The fact that we tried to settle before the first suit came out when we filed the first case. That’s the only defense that the Watson team has.  It’s a weak defense. Now there are 22 cases. Perhaps Watson’s team should have listened to me.”

Hardin also said it’s common to make a demand in lawsuits like this.

In court on Friday, Buzbee said nine of his 12 clients, including Solis, would voluntarily identify themselves, The Athletic reports.

The judge ruled that the other three women must also identify themselves if they wished to proceed with their civil suits.

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Written by Megan Turner

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  1. “Hardin’s team reiterated the idea that there was a side of Watson the general public didn’t know”

    Lol. Clearly in agreement with Hardin here! Before this I only knew him as a talented QB on a bad team. What side is Hardin referring to specifically?

  2. Hmmm. was Warson penny wise and pound foolish? Paying $100,000 to make it go away might have saved his Nike endorsement contract and others. Now he is likely the league’s biggest endorsement loser in 2021.

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