100-Day McDonald’s Diet Has Grandpa Down Nearly 60 Pounds

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A Nashville grandpa is down almost 60 pounds after eating only McDonald’s since late February. Finally, a diet we can all get behind.

Kevin Maginnis, 57, went from looking like a linebacker (238 pounds) to a wide receiver (179.5) between February 21st and Thursday. He did so thanks to a 100-day McDonald’s diet.

Maginnis treated himself to Mickey D’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the 100-day period. He documented his diet and weight loss journey on TikTok and kicked things off Day One by stating: “Can we go from French fries to a fit guy? That’s what we’re finding out. Hundred days of nothing but McDonald’s. Let’s go!”

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The secret to Maginnis’ successful McDonald’s diet was quite simple – don’t overdo it.

He’d eat half portions for his meals and swapped sodas for water.

No way I’m resisting the second half of my Big Mac and fries, but that’s just me. Good for our guy Kevin.

On Day 100 of Maginnis’ diet he appeared on NBC’s Today Show and insisted to the hosts that his weight loss journey didn’t couple the fast food joint with exercise. “No workouts, no workouts” Maginnis told Hoda Kotb.

Damn, daily McDonald’s and no working out? Sign me up.

Kevin Maginnis was lovin his McDonald’s 100-day diet. (Photo by GEOFF ROBINS/AFP via Getty Images).

100-Day McDonald’s Diet Included Restaurant’s Combo Meals

In addition to splitting his meals in half portions, he told the Today Show that he also avoided snacks and alcohol over his 100-day diet.

Alright, now he lost me. Maybe I could handle the half portions if that meant sucking down chicken nuggets, fries and quarter pounders three times a day for 3+ months. And maybe I could nix the snacks, too. But no side of alcohol to lay a base or wash away the finger pain associated with being a full-time keyboard warrior? I’m out.

“Hey, don’t be bitter while I’m eating my apple fritter and losing weight,”Maginnis said of his McDiet.

And Kevin Maginnis experienced more than just weight loss over the 100-day period. He also saw his cholesterol and triglycerides drop significantly.

Seems like the perfect advertisement for McDonald’s right? Maginnis said Thursday that despite eating only McDonald’s and documenting his successful journey daily, the Golden Arches were not in on it.

“No partnership with McDonald’s, not affiliated in any way,” Maginnis insisted. “They did send me a gift box.”

And, apparently, quite a few Happy Meals.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I guess I am surprised anyone is surprised by this. A calorie reduction diet will result in losing weight no matter what food you are consuming. The drop in cholesterol/triglycerides is a direct result of losing weight. Eating a MacDonald’s diet on a regular basis even if limited calories still wouldn’t be good for overall health.

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