Zoo Guest Wrestles Alligator After It Bites Handler’s Arm

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An ordinary day at the zoo quickly turned into anything but ordinary when an alligator handler had her arm grabbed by an alligator. The scene unfolded during a demonstration for zoo guests.

The alligator is apparently getting a little too close for comfort when the handler places her hand under its chin. She gently pushes it away from her. As she lowers her hand the alligator turns its head and bites down on her left arm.

Zoo Guest Wrestles Alligator After It Bites Handler's Arm
Zoo guest saves alligator handler (Image Credit: Dave Franks/TikTok)

The handler tries to remain calm, but the alligator had other ideas. It starts pulling on the woman’s arm causing her to climb into the water with it. The alligator then starts its death roll.

The handler is tossed around in the water before a guest steps in and is able to grab her. Guests are heard yelling for help, but there’s no time to wait for it to arrive. The handler’s arm is still in the alligator’s mouth and she’s in trouble.

The handler wraps her legs around the alligator then instructs the guest who saved her from the death roll to jump on top of the gator. Without hesitation he jumps into the water and then on top of the alligator’s back.

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The guest keeps the alligator pinned down until the handler is finally able to free her arm. Another guest then helps her out of the water. The hero guest continues to wrestle with the alligator until he’s able to sit up and make his own escape.

The incredible video has more than 50 million views and thousands of comments on TikTok.

What a crazy scene. Even crazier than an alligator biting a handler and a guest coming to the rescue is how calm they were throughout the ordeal.

One minute you’re at a zoo watching an alligator demonstration, the next you’re wrestling with an alligator and saving the handler’s life.

Let’s hope the zoo did more than give this guy a membership to the jelly of the month club. He deserves a lifetime pass for his entire family.

Written by Sean Joseph


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