Zion Williamson Is Officially Shredded For NBA Bubble

Zion Williamson is officially shredded. No more freshman 15. No quarantine quarter pounder with cheese weight gain.Today the Pelicans released a weight room gains photo of Zion and the veins are popping, the shoulders have definition and the chest has thinned out on the 6’6 284-lb (probably need to adjust that weight) 19-year-old who turns 20 Monday.

It’s not like Zion was some fat, Buffalo Wild Wings on a Tuesday night, hold the salad, kind of guy when the NBA was rolling along in March, but this is clearly an all-new Zion we’re going to see in the bubble.

The Pelicans released interview videos from Zion today and asked him about the big 2-0 coming up Monday. “In a weird way I haven’t felt like a teenager in a long time,” he said. 

The old, pre-quarantine Zion:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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