Zebra Beats Up Ohio Man During One-Sided Fight: ‘I Think He Tore My Arm Off’

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As if you needed further proof that Ohio is one of the most dangerous places on the planet, now comes the story of the Ohio Man who had his arm mauled off by an angry zebra.

According to a police report from the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office, Ronald Clifton, 72, was attacked by the zebra in a field where the animal was said to be protecting five or six females in the same field as where Clifton was attacked.

“I think he tore my arm off…send a chopper,” Clifton told a dispatcher during a 911 call that the dispatcher won’t forget anytime soon. When asked by the dispatcher if the animal had bit his arm, Clifton simply replied, “Oh hell yes.”

Ronald Clifton, 72, thought a zebra ripped off his arm after being attacked in an Ohio field. / Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office

So deputies were sent out to the Clifton property to save the man from this zebra that was using its basic instincts to conduct business in the wild. The cops show up, Clifton’s on the ground with his arm all torn up and that’s when the deputy found out real fast that this zebra wasn’t playing games.

The police report states that the large male zebra acted “very hostile.”

More cops showed up. An ambulance came to scoop up Clifton.

The zebra didn’t care. He had those females out in the field to protect.

Meanwhile, the Clifton family told deputies to take out the zebra if it came to that in order to get Ronald out of the battle zone. But those orders came with a warning: Don’t turn your back on that zebra or you’ll get Ronald’d.

Tragically, this story has a terrible ending. The zebra eventually charged deputies and they decided to take it out before more arms were chopped off.

Ohio has been on an insane content bender in 2023. Between trains derailing all over the state, the Ohio Cocaine Cat story, and now the Zebra Gone Wild, Ohio is showing the rest of the country (minus Florida) why it’s a perennial challenger for the most viral state in the union.

Good luck to all the pretenders out there trying to compete with this craziness (minus Florida).

This state is flat-out nuts:

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