Zack Greinke Tipped His Filthy Slider On Purpose?

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Twitter thinks Zack Greinke tipped a filthy slider on purpose Wednesday night during a game against the Giants. Greinke gave up one earned over 6 1/3 innings and struck out seven in the 5-1 victory, but it was the alleged tipped pitch that turned into the talk of the night because it’s the Astros and everything these days is about advantages/cheating so it makes sense to analyze Zack raising two fingers to his catcher.

The conspiracy theorists out there thought the two fingers meant slider based on grip, but pitcher Jake Thompson from the Angels organization jumped into the Pitching Ninja’s thread to set the record straight.

“Two up he’s going two up from what was called. Two down means he’s going two down from what was called,” Thompson wrote on Twitter. “Two fingers up means the catcher probably called a fastball….1 If a changeup was called and he did the same thing it would have been a curveball.”

Look at that, you learn something every day.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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