Zachary Carter Thinks Antwaun Powell Is ‘Going To Be That Dude’ For Florida

The University of Florida has had their fair share of “them guys,” “studs” and even “freaks” — I’m looking at you, JeVon Kearse. Now, the Gators seem poised to welcome a “dude” to the Swamp.

Second-year edge player Antwaun Powell has been labeled “that dude” by a Gator teammate after he recorded his first career sack over the weekend when Florida dismantled Vanderbilt.

Veteran defensive lineman Zachary Carter knew a game like this was coming for Powell:

“You know, I told him from the jump, since he got here, like, ‘You’re gonna be that dude.’ You know, I feel like as he starts to develop and get more reps, you know, I think he’s gonna be that guy.

“I feel like Antwaun, he’s always been one of those players where like, you know, in practice, you see it. You’re like, ‘Wow, he’s going to be pretty good, young guy.'”

Following the first of what most think will be many sacks, Powell was greeted on the Florida sideline by a host of excited teammates, including Carter, who had been anticipating his breakout since he first stepped on campus.

“They was hype. They ain’t really know what to say,” Powell said after Saturday’s win. “They was just like, ‘Yeah, we been watching you do that. Now it paid off.'”

Powell, who was limited to one game last fall because of injury, seems unlikely to let the recent success go to his head.

“I mean, I just try to keep my head down, keep working, not really worried about nothing else,” he said following Saturday’s win.

Now that they have “that dude” flying around the defense, the Gators have a chance to be “that team.” That is, if they can find a way to best SEC rival LSU in Baton Rouge on Saturday.

Written by Anthony Farris

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