Zach Wilson’s Mom Would Agree, NFL Draft Guaranteed To Feature Unexpected Viral Moments

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The NFL Draft commences this evening in Kansas City. And while most everyone is fixated on where the quarterbacks land, no one can guarantee who goes where and when. What we can guarantee is that someone’s going viral for reasons that have little to do with on-field performance. Lisa Wilson, mom of New York Jets starting QB Zach, likely would agree.

Year after year the primetime event gifts the internet a viral moment that no one saw coming. Some years it’s a player’s wardrobe that gets people talking. Other years it’s their hot mom (hey Lisa, that’s you!) or even their gas mask…

We’re still hours away from knowing who or what’s going to set the internet ablaze, so why not revisit the smokeshows and viral moments from past NFL Drafts that filled our social feeds?

Zach Wilson was selected 2nd overall in the 2021 Draft. His stock had been rising for weeks so the Jets’ selection wasn’t all that surprising. Wilson played collegiately at BYU for the Cougars. And speaking of Cougars, that April ’21 night introduced the world to Zach’s mom, Lisa.

There’s no debate, Draft night 2021 launched a star-studded career for a member of the Wilson family. Unfortunately for New York, it wasn’t Zach’s.

Nearly a decade before Lisa’s viral moment, Russell Wilson’s then-wife, Ashton Meem, showed the NFL Draft audience that you don’t have to be a cougar to roar.

Her and Russ divorced in 2014, which is a shame, because she certainly appeared dangeruss. Also, her last name is Meme. Well, almost. How perfect is that? We should’ve seen this one coming.

One Draft Guest Wasn’t As Well Received As Lisa Wilson

Dallas selected wide receiver CeeDee Lamb in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Lamb wasted little time showing his hands were as quick as his feet. His Draft guest, who I assume was his girlfriend, tried to sneak a peek at the Batphone and the former Oklahoma Sooner was having none of it.

When Atlanta drafted Brett Favre in the second round of the 1991 Draft he didn’t need to worry about someone else screening his calls. He had only one phone, a cordless, accompanying his Canadian tuxedo throughout his bedroom draft party.

Brett Favre and his draft party have stood the test time. (Photo by Tim Isbell/Biloxi Sun Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images).

Favre wasn’t alone in unforgettable draft day attire. Deion Sanders wasted little time introducing the NFL to PrimeTime.

NFL Draft’s Viral Moments Aren’t Just Phones And Women

Draftees’ hot moms and phone time aren’t the only moments that have gone viral throughout NFL Draft weekends. Who could forget Cleveland selecting Johnny Manziel 22nd overall in 2014? First, Cleveland diehards went nuts upon hearing the selection announced…

Oh, you sad, sad, people…

And just seconds later Manziel walked on stage to greet the commissioner and officially drop his “money” sign for the first time as an NFL player.

Manziel’s NFL career stunk so bad, it’s surprising his offensive lineman didn’t trade helmets for gas masks.

Speaking of…

Remember 2016 when the Dolphins selected Laremy Tunsil within the same hour that a picture surfaced of him (allegedly) smoking weed with the assistance of a gas mask? The video of Tunsil puffing away quickly went viral, but Tunsil’s since capitalized on the moment with an NFT.

COVID Draft Gave Us The Gift Of The Vrabel House

The 2020 NFL Draft didn’t just give us CeeDee Lamb’s viral moment. Because of COVID, masks were a thing – sadly, they weren’t gas masks – and team’s were forced to conduct their draft’s virtually. This meant cameras were inside the homes of plenty of NFL decision makers, including Titans coach Mike Vrabel.

His boys gave us a glimpse at Frozone, a mullet and a hidden Easter egg that would leave one to believe one Vrabel boy was on the can while Tennessee was on the clock.

Days later, Vrabel sort-of explained the viral scene on the Dan Patrick Show: “What happened was, the kids were excited like everybody else was. We have a full house. … It’s like a frat house. I was never in a frat house at Ohio State, but I’d imagine that’s what it would look like.”

Hugs And Kisses For Roger Goodell

One thing we’re bound to see during the first round is draftees hugging Roger Goodell on stage. It’s a phenomenon I’ll never understand. I talked about it yesterday with former Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter. He doesn’t get it either. Regardless, let’s hope they keep it to a hug and avoid near kisses like Dontari Poe from back in 2012.

Five years later, Falcons pick Takk McKinley brought his grandmother on stage. But not literally. He brought a framed picture of her, then dropped an F-Bomb on live tv. Among his first words as an NFL draft pick were: “fine me later.”

At least McKinley identified whom it was that accompanied (via picture frame) him on stage. Nearly 30 years ago, then-Colts GM Bill Tobin could’ve used a heads up for who the hell ESPN’s Mel Kiper was before he went on air to discuss his team’s draft decisions.

Hopefully you enjoyed this trip down viral NFL Draft memory lane. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta get my Mac Jones on and get in front of a tv.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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