Zach Wilson’s Former Best Friend Gets Mocked By Fans At Commanders Camp

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Fans are not going to let the Zach Wilson story die anytime soon. One of the best offseason stories in a long time has made its way to training camp. I don’t know about you, but that’s perfectly fine with me.

A reporter asked Wilson about the off-the-field gossip at Jets camp earlier this week. He brushed it off like a pro.

On Friday, fans at Washington Commanders camp brought it up to mock one of their own players.

If you’ll recall, the whole story about the New York Jets quarterback allegedly hooking up with his mom’s best friend started with someone calling Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile a “homie hopper.”

The reason for the “homie hopper” label was a couple of pictures posted by Commanders wide receiver, Dax Milne. He’s holding hands with Gile in the pics with the caption “Word on the street.”

Wilson is a legend with fans, while his former best friend is being mocked

Why is that a big deal? Well, it turns out that Milne was Wilson’s teammate and roommate at BYU and his best friend — until Milne ended up with Gile.

Gile’s response to the comment calling her a “homie hopper” was to call Wilson out for allegedly hooking up with his mom’s best friend … and the rest is history. Boy, did that move backfire big time.

Back to Commanders camp on Friday.

According to The Washington Post’s Nicki Jhabvala, Milne was mocked by fans who yelled “Mr. Steal Your Girl” at him after he caught a pass along the sideline.

It’s a funny nickname and it could predict a very long season for Milne. He’s hearing this, presumably, from Commanders fans. Wait until the Washington circus goes on the road.

The insults from opposing fans might not be as nice. Being a nine-catch guy last season, he might not be prepared for the extra attention on game day.

Mark this down as another offseason win for Wilson. He won the breakup, he won the drama that followed, and now he’s winning with fans. The real trick for him is going to be figuring out how to take this offseason momentum into the regular season.

Written by Sean Joseph

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