Zach Wilson Will Be Starting Again For The Jets This Week Against The Jaguars

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Zach Wilson will once again be taking the helm as the New York Jets starting quarterback this week. The team making the announcement as Mike White continues to recover after fracturing his ribs two weeks ago when playing the Buffalo Bills.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh apparently didn’t have an option if he wanted to start Wilson again this week as team doctors forced his hand after not medically clearing White. Although he could have always went with Joe Flacco.

It’s been a crazy year for the Jets and their fluid quarterback situation.

Zach Wilson started the season at 5-2 only to be benched after an abysmal game against the Patriots in which he threw for only 77 yards in the Jets’ 10-3 loss. His postgame comments in which he didn’t take blame for the team’s loss didn’t help him either. (Although I think the New York media blew it way out of proportion).

Mike White went 1-2 before injuring his ribs, while Joe Flacco apparently is still on the Jets and record a starting record of 1-3.

Wilson started again this past weekend against the Detroit Lions, a game the Jets lost 20-17. Although he played better, Wilson’s record is now 5-3 this year as the starter.

Although it appears the writing is on the wall with the Jets blowing their #2 draft pick last year by selecting Wilson, football is a week-by-week sport. If Wilson somehow throws for five touchdowns and drops 400 passing yards this week maybe he’ll continue to get the starting gig moving forward? Seems unlikely, but we’ve seen stranger things happen.

Regardless, the Jets would like to finish the season on a winning streak that would begin this Thursday when they take on a 6-8 Jaguars team.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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