BYU QB Zach Wilson Declares 2021 NFL Draft

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BYU’s Zach Wilson is declaring for the 2021 NFL Draft.

Wilson is expected to be one of the first QBs selected in the upcoming draft. Adam Schefter predicts Willson will be the second QB drafted, behind Trevor Lawrence but ahead of Justin Fields.

“I think Zach Wilson will be the second quarterback picked, when all is said and done,” Schefter says.  “I think [Justin] Fields is going to go high because of his tremendous ability, but I don’t think it can be as high as Trevor Lawrence, I don’t think it can be as high as Zach Wilson in the end.”

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay sent Wilson to the Detroit Lions to replace Matt Stafford in a recent consensus mock draft.

“Zach Wilson makes a lot of sense,” McShay explains. “He’s the most underrated quarterback in the entire class, and I think he will continue to rise as we get closer to April.”

If Schefter and the duo of Kiper/McShay are both to be right, the Lions may have to move up from their current pick of 7th overall. Or hope the Jets are more bullish on Sam Darnold rebounding than Zach Wilson’s potential.

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