Zach Wilson Comes Under Fire For Merely ‘Liking’ Favorable MAGA Tweets

Former BYU quarterback Zach Wilson was taken with the second overall pick in this weekend’s NFL Draft, but that’s not the focus of some people on social media.

Instead, a segment of the fan base appears to be hung up on the fact Wilson once “liked” posts and tweets that were favorable to former President Donald Trump. Keep in mind that Wilson said nothing himself — he just “liked” the posts of others.

Also keep in mind that this theoretically remains a free country, and you can theoretically support any candidate you wish.

But some account with a fairly large following took Wilson to task for “liking” a post that said “Vote for Trump like your life depended on it.” That tweet was posted ahead of the November election.

The leftist account (which shall remain nameless) dug up Wilson’s “like,” because that’s what political accounts tend to do instead of, you know, spending time with their families or trying to talk to people of the opposite sex or enjoy life in general.

This, of course, is the same account that has previously suggested we should only root for players that believe what they do politically. Needless to say, those who follow the account — and others like it — went on to rail against Wilson, using derogatory terms and unfounded accusations.

“This is part of a new NFL Draft tradition,” wrote Lowder with Crowder. “As each college player has their name announced and starts to celebrate one of the greatest moments of their lives, progressive assclowns start digging through Twitter to see what wrongspeak they can uncover. Not only things the player — as a TEENAGER — said, but anything someone else said they may have liked. And because most in the media align themselves with progressives, these tweets now become part of the news.”

Wilson, 21, is a native of Utah and starred at BYU before being selected by the Jets. He completed 247 of 336 passes for 3,692 yards and 33 touchdowns, and just three interceptions, last season. He also rushed for 10 TDs.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. I cannot believe a live in a country where you are not allowed to support a political party. There is nothing wrong with supporting Donald Trump. There is nothing wrong with supporting Joe Biden. There is nothing wrong with supporting Hillary Clinton. There is nothing wrong with supporting ANY FUCKING BODY. So frustrating.

  2. It appears the big difference between the left and the centrists is that the left cares only about politics in sports and most centrists don’t care or adamantly don’t want politics overtaking the sports.

    I don’t care what the politics of the QB of a NFL has as long as he’s winning. That’s what Kap couldn’t do anymore and why he decided to be a SJW.

  3. Of course. Comes with the territory unless you are a raving Marxist. Why don’t we just ignore these infantile leftists? They only matter because we let them matter. Can we get through one week without these sissy SJW nobodies getting attention for hating on a conservative, centrist or normal person?

  4. We can roll our eyes and lament the rampant stoopidity every time “something like this” happens. But, sadly, it IS the times we are now living in. … At any public gathering place – malls, sporting events, etc – I figure give/take 50% of the attendees HATE “people like me”.

    I’d rather be hated by them … than to Be Them.

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