Yuengling Hosts 5K For Vets As Bud Light Boycott Rages

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As Bud Light reported a 17% sales drop Monday afternoon, the folks over at Yuengling were busy cleaning up after a big weekend celebrating America’s veterans.

America’s Oldest Brewery held its annual ‘Yuengling Light Lager 5K’ Saturday, welcoming over 3,000 people to Pottsville, Pennsylvania for the yearly run where all proceeds go to the veteran-centered non-profit Team Red, White, and Blue.

The organization provides support for veterans throughout the country.

I believe we can go ahead and chalk that up as yet another win for the good guys! This one appears to be another landslide, too.

Bud Light numbers sink as Yuengling hosts charity run for veterans

Goodness gracious. Someone stop the fight! Throw in the towel. This is Dick Yuengling’s world now, folks, and we’re all just living in it.

While it isn’t official, there certainly appears to be a pretty clear Brew War going on right now, with Dylan Mulvaney and what’s left of Bud Light in one corner, and Yuengling in the other.

I’d include Miller and Coors, but nobody over there has had the guts to say something, much less post even one passive aggressive tweet, since the Mulvaney fallout began late last month.

Tough to get any votes if you’re not invited to the dance!

Yuengling ready to pounce on bud light.

Not the folks over at Yuengling, though. They haven’t lasted this long in this country by standing idly by, you know.

The first shot came a few weeks ago when Yuengling’s Twitter account dusted off the keyboard and sent out a perfectly-timed tweet just minutes after Anheuser-Busch released it’s first statement since the Mulvaney fallout began.

It was a subtle haymaker, but a haymaker nonetheless.

Advantage: Dick Yuengling.

That was just the beginning of the walls closing in over at Mulvaney Light HQ.

In the days since, stocks have plummeted, VPs have been canned in bunches, and bars from Wyoming to Florida are kicking Bud Light to the curb.

Sales numbers for Miller Lite and Coors reported massive increases for the week of April 8, while Bud Light numbers have turned more red than Ron DeSantis. In fact, news trickled in this afternoon that Bud Light took a 17% hit in dollars sold for the week ending in April 15, while volume dropped 21%.


While all that was going on, the folks up in Pottsville were gearing up for Saturday’s big 5K supporting the vets while once again making it very known on social media.

Shockingly, people noticed. Looks like the route is on.

Written by Zach Dean

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