You’ve Been Warned: Asking NFL Prospects If Their Mom’s A Stripper Now Comes With Consequences

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The NFL issued a warning to teams that they can now lose draft picks and face significant fines if club representatives conduct themselves inappropriately in interviews with draft prospects. So no more asking potential draft picks creepy questions about their personal lives.

A memo obtained by ESPN that was sent to teams Wednesday that explained that a team would forfeit a pick between the first and fourth rounds and be fined a minimum of $150,000 if the league determines the club displayed conduct that is “disrespectful, inappropriate, or unprofessional.”

“We aim for dignity, respect, and professionalism,” league executive Troy Vincent told The Associated Press.

“All clubs should ensure that prospective draft picks are afforded a respectful and professional NFL environment — one that is consistent with state and federal law and our shared commitment to respect, diversity and inclusion,” the memo states. “The same is true of free agents whom your club may consider signing. It is also important for your club to reinforce to prospective players the value your club places on character and the standards of conduct expected of everyone associated with the NFL.”

The league also plans to remove the Wonderlic test while also revising some of its scouting combine drills to better simulate game-related movements. Not sure what’s enticing about removing a test that quizzes players on their football IQ’s? Our standards are dwindling for just about everything these days, it appears.

And as far as the respect memo goes, it’s always a positive to see players treated better, but there are some flaws with the messaging. The NFL aims for all prospects to feel “respected”, which sounds wildly subjective. NFL talents like Lamar Jackson were asked prior to the draft whether they’d consider a position change to tight end, the next day ESPN, CNN, and all these other race-baiting clowns were throwing words like “disrespect” for the masses to see. Would the NFL potentially strip teams of picks and money for asking a black quarterback to move positions because he ran a 4.34? At the very least an investigation could begin and it seems like we’re opening pandora’s box for a bunch of whining from players and agents over learning the harsh truth of the NFL Draft: teams are going to ask difficult questions to make sure they’re taking the right guys.

Hopefully these new standards are applied correctively, but if the NFL’s current botching of passing-interference and roughing the passer calls are any indication, we’re in for a disaster that’ll turn these young players into even bigger prima donnas.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. The NFL aims ‘for dignity, respect, and professionalism” unless one of their players has 22 civil accusations and 12 criminal allegations against them for sexual abuse.

    The NFL doesn’t give a damn if one of their star players does that, but you’d sure as hell better not ask a potential draft pick if his family might have a job that would bring question to the credibility of the team.

  2. NFL talents like Lamar Jackson were asked prior to the draft whether they’d consider a position change to tight end

    Cmon Carlton, if you are going to play the Diamond and Silk role for Outkick atleast get your attention straight. He was to switch to receiver not tight end. He doesn’t have a body even to play tight end. And who said anything about black QB’s? WTF “The GET OUT TEA is strong in this one ” Cmon Dude be better. 🥾👅

  3. What if the GM of the Lions wants a lap dance? I mean its a valid question. Who cares if Lamar Jackson or any other player is asked about a position switch? Teams want to win and if said team doesn’t need a QB but needs an “athlete” who the fuck cares, its a job in the NFL. Guys are recruited out of high school all the time as an “athlete”. Everything has to be racist now though. How about this just don’t interview anyone just base it on measurables. Oh wait that loser Kaepernick said that’s too much like slave markets. What to do? Quit getting butt hurt over nothing thats what we do. Sadly that will never happen. It must be hard to be the toughest and softest at the same time. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde.

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