YouTubers Have Pulled More Than 40 Cars From Bodies Of Water In Nashville Area

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Those in charge of the popular YouTube channel “Adventures with Purpose” have made their mark with … well, purposeful adventures. But pulling more than 40 cars from rivers and other bodies of water near Nashville has certainly been near the top of their exploits.

It is not known how long it took for the YouTubers to discover the submerged vehicles, though the process generally takes at least a few weeks. And some of the cars had likely been under water for some time.

“The group held a livestream event on YouTube to show off all the vehicles they pulled out of the water in Tennessee,” wrote Steven Symes of motorious. “They were all sitting in a nice row under a cover, almost like the remnants of a crashed plane collected and sorted in a hanger. Among the cars recovered was Jeep YJ, probably one of the most collectable and desirable of the bunch.”

Image courtesy YouTube via motorious

Fortunately, no bodies were found inside the cars, or anywhere in the water at all. But that doesn’t mean foul play had no part in why the cars were there in the first place.

“An obvious explanation for why someone would drive a car into a body of water is to commit insurance fraud or hide a vehicle police are looking for because it was used to commit a violent crime,” Symes wrote. “Nashville investigators will have to sort through that now.”

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. That’s a pretty cool gig, But every time I pulled one out I’d be expecting to see a body staring at me inside. Yikes. Doing this may help clear up a lot of stolen car cases around the area. I’m sure a few people in the area who thought they’d gotten away with insurance fraud aren’t sleeping so well either.

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