YouTuber SteveWillDoIt Is Boycotting The NBA Because James Harden Slid Into His IG Model Girlfriend’s DMs

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James Harden has ruined the NBA for many. But not in the way he has ruined it for YouTuber SteveWillDoIt, real name Stephen Deleonardis.

Deleonardis revealed during a recent appearance on Bradley Marytn’s podcast Raw Talk that he doesn’t watch basketball anymore and it’s all James Harden’s fault.

According to Deleonardis, the Philadelphia 76ers guard slid into his Instagram model girlfriend Celina Smith’s DMs. It doesn’t sound like anything came out of it, but he’s done with the NBA anyway.

Deleonardis told Marytn, “I don’t really watch basketball. I don’t watch basketball ’cause f**kin’ James Harden DM’d my girl, so that f**kin’ ruined basketball for me.”

“F**k that shit, dude, I’m not watching basketball.”

“NBA… James Harden DM’d my girl, so you lost me,” he continued. “I’m not watching that shit. F**k that shit.”

When asked by Marytn what Harden said to his girlfriend in her DMs he just responded by saying that he didn’t know. Here’s the exchange about the clearly traumatizing incident.


You still watching basketball?

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Harden’s ruining basketball on and off the court

This is just the latest bit of bad news for Deleonardis. A couple of months ago the YouTuber, who is a member of the NELK Boys, had his YouTube channel permanently banned after generating millions of followers with his trademark wild pranks.

If Harden didn’t already ruin the NBA for me with his legalized traveling all over the court, a slide into my wife’s DMs would do it for me.

I would also be much more concerned about an NBA player reaching out to my Instagram girlfriend than losing my YouTube account and my millions of followers, but that’s just me.

Written by Sean Joseph


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