YouTube Star Chris Ray Gun Accidentally Punches Female Ref In Boxing Debut

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It was a rough night for Chris Ray Gun, and a female referee got caught in the crossfire.

The YouTube star punched the referee in the back of the head during Saturday night’s Creator Clash 2. She had intervened in the fight to help Chris, who was being pummeled by William Haynes.

Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that smashing women’s skulls is only OK if you identify as one.

Haynes — with a considerable size advantage over Chris Ray Gun — landed a series of powerful shots. Chris had nothing in response. So when the ref stepped in to separate the two, Chris took a swing and accidentally punched the woman in the head.

William Haynes came away with the win.

Commentator and musician, Chris Ray Gun was originally supposed to fight singer and rapper FroggyFresh. But Creator Clash removed Froggy from the card after he made “several violations” to his contract with Creator Clash that presented “risk to the other fighters, fans, and others involved in the event.”

That’s when they added former SourceFed host and podcaster William Haynes as the replacement. Haynes had recently undergone a physical transformation. He has been training full time in the three weeks since his addition to the roster.

And that training paid off as he took down adversary Chris Ray Gun in his debut.

But it looks like Chris is taking it well.

“One of the craziest nights of my life,” Chris tweeted. “Special thanks to @MrWilliamHaynes for stepping up last minute and rocking my sh-t.”

No word on how the referee is doing, but she took the hit like a champ.

Written by Amber Harding

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