YouTube Removes Viral Music Video Ripping Joe Biden

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Grammy-nominated singer John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting noticed something strange about his increasingly popular music video on YouTube.

Namely, Ondrasik’s video had vanished.

The video is for the song “Blood On My Hands,” which slams Joe Biden for the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. And now, the video is … gone.

“I have just received notification that @YouTube has taken down the Blood on My Hands – White House Docu-Music video,” Onrasik tweeted. “Before posting, I placed a ‘Graphic Warning’ disclaimer at the front of the video to let the audience know that the content would not be suitable for younger audiences due to images of Taliban atrocities. “YouTube reviewed the video and inserted a child content restriction which I appreciated and found appropriate.”

But then the video went viral, immediately compiling more than 250,000 views. Suddenly, just as quickly, YouTube reversed course, citing a mysterious “graphic content policy.”

Ondrasik, 57, had a couple of big hits in “100 Years” and “Superman,” playing all of the instruments and handling all the vocals. Now, he’s vocalizing that YouTube’s censorship is a violation of free speech. And quite frankly, feels like a form of communism.

Lyrics from the Joh Ondrasik song, “Blood on My Hands”

“To not show said Taliban atrocities in any artistic statement on Afghanistan would be a gross injustice to the victims and enable the Taliban’s ongoing persecution of 40 million Afghan citizens,” Ondrasik wrote.

“That YouTube took down the video after 5 days, as it was growing in reach, should concern anyone who values free speech and advocacy for humanitarian causes.”

We wrote more about the song, “Blood on My Hands,” when it was first released. You can check out that post at this link.

Written by Sam Amico

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