‘Your Honor’ Wraps Up Incredible Second Season

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Season two of “Your Honor” is in the books, and it was outstanding.

When it was announced the hit crime series with Bryan Cranston from Showtime would return for a second season, I think it’s fair to say a lot of people were very skeptical.

After all, how could there even be a second season? The first one perfectly wrapped everything up. Judge Michael Desiato (Cranston) walked a very dark path to save his son Adam from Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg).

In the end, it was all for nothing. His son was killed when Eugene Jones tried to clip Carlo and failed. The events had come full circle. Michael had given up everything to save his only son. He ended up losing everything anyway. How could Showtime possibly continue the story?

Well, the network did, and it was outstanding.

“Your Honor” season two is outstanding. (Photo credit: Andrew Cooper/SHOWTIME)

“Your Honor” hit a home run with season two.

In case season one wasn’t dark enough for you (do you need to speak to someone?), season two was every bit as dark.

Now, per usual, I won’t spoil the ending. So, you can keep reading without fear of the show being ruined, but know the closing minutes are nothing short of shocking. That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.

“Your Honor” season two exceeded expectations. (Photo credit: Andrew Cooper/SHOWTIME)

Season two boils down to one thing: sins of the past finally needing to be atoned. Season two opens with Michael in prison as a disgraced former judge.

He’s forced into a deal with the feds in order to bring down the Baxter family. Right from the jump, things get cranked up to 100.

There’s just one problem for Michael Desiato and the Baxter family. Fia Baxter and Adam had a child. Now, Jimmy and Michael are bound by blood, which makes their relationship even murkier and arguably more dangerous.

Will there be a season three of “Your Honor”? (Photo credit: Andrew Cooper/SHOWTIME)

I must say Michael Stuhlbarg doesn’t get nearly enough respect for his performance as Jimmy Baxter. He’s unbelievably menacing, if not downright terrifying at times.

There is a brewing power struggle in season two, and Stuhlbarg is terrifying at times as the organized crime kingpin.

Eugene Jones plays a vital role in season two.

As season one viewers know, Eugene Jones was a pivotal character in the war between the Baxter crime family and the Desire gang. His family was wiped out, and when his attempted revenge against Carlo killed Adam.

The journey Eugene Jones goes on in season two is WILD to put it lightly. He becomes a major player, and it all comes together in a captivating trial.

Now, I’ll leave it there because it’s impossible to get further into than that without spoiling season two.

“Your Honor” with Bryan Cranston is an awesome series. (Photo credit: Andrew Cooper/SHOWTIME)

The big question now is where does Showtime and “Your Honor” go from here? I thought season two would be impossible. It clearly wasn’t. Season two of “Your Honor” was amazing. Given its incredible success, fans have to wonder if season three is coming. There’s been some chatter that season two was going to be a clean ending, but as we all know, things change in Hollywood. Happens all the time. As a huge fan, I hope we get more. Showtime has found itself with a massive hit. Could this be the end? Sure, but it still feels like there’s juice left to squeeze.

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