Young Vancouver Canucks Fan Torches Toronto Maple Leafs’ Cup Drought On Jumbotron

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When trash-talking another team, there’s nothing that cuts deeper than the truth. This Vancouver Canucks fan who is still quite a few years away from legally operating an automobile knew this and used it to annihilate the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Leafs — who it should be noted haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967 (or a playoff series since 2004) — were in British Columbia for a date with the Canucks.

During a stoppage in play, the Canucks played a game where they have a kid — in this case a 9-year-old girl named Lily — try to name old stuff. People always get a kick out of this. Like, how could a 9-year-old not know about a thing that was popular back when you were a kid?!?!

One of the pictures they showed was an old black-and-white photo of two people on penny-farthing bicycles. Lily wasn’t stumped by the impractical, giant front wheel and knew immediately that these were bikes. However, the in-arena host asked what decade she thought these bikes were from, teeing her up for an absolute gem.

“The last time the Leafs won the Cup?”

I have to imagine Lily’s old man had a couple of tears rolling down his cheeks. Talk about a proud dad moment.

Every hockey fan knows the best way to trash the Maple Leafs is to hit where it hurts: their over 50-year-long Stanley Cup drought. (Photo by Michael Chisholm/NHLI via Getty Images)

Lily Is Talking Smack Well Beyond Her Years

His little girl demonstrated that she can smack talk at the high school level. It’s like reading Pride And Prejudice while all the other kids stumble through Hop On Pop.

It’s easy to cheer on your team. All you have to do is say “Go (Your Team Name Here)” and you’re cooking with gas. Smack-talking another team — and doing it well — is a whole different ball game. It requires you to know your enemy. To dredge up the dirt from which there’s no return. Lily had the Leads number.

Of course, the Canucks have never won a Stanley Cup, but they only came into the league after the Leafs’ most recent win. That said her verbal barb, so perfectly executed on the Rogers Arena jumbotron would’ve made even the most ardent Leafs fan wince.

Fantastic stuff, and if we’re being honest here, Lily trashing the Leafs was probably the high-water mark of the Canucks‘ 2022-23 season.

Better yet, the Canucks beat the Leafs 4-1.

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