You Could Get Free Cracker Barrel Food If You Get Engaged At One

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Fellas, listen up. If you’re ready to pop the question, forget about doing it on a Hawaiian vacation. That’s cliche and won’t get you a year of free food from Cracker Barrel.

Wait… unless it’s at a Cracker Barrel in Hawaii. In which case… it might.

Cracker Barrel, everyone’s favorite restaurant/general store always located with an eyeshot of an interstate has a new promotion. Any couple that gets engaged at any Cracker Barrel location across the nation, has the chance of winning free food for a year.

However, the company isn’t made of free food. This promotion is open from February 10 through 16, and only five couples get the year-long golden ticket.

What a story that’ll be for the grandkids in a few decades.

“Your grandfather got down on a knee inside of the Cracker Barrel store. If memory serves, it was next to the antiquated toys that kids played with during the depression and the generic t-shirts with the name of the city closest to that particular Cracker Barrel location…”

I’m curious to see if they even hit that five-couple cap. If they do, we need to hear from the sixth couple who got engaged at Cracker Barrel, only to miss out on the free food.

Cracker Barrel Store
If this isn’t the perfect place to propose, then I don’t know what is. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Cracker Barrel Wants To See Some Effort Before They Shell Out Free Food

Don’t think that you can just get away with saying you got engaged at Cracker Barrel. No, they want video proof of the moment.

Couples have to upload their videos, tag the company’s official accounts, then use the hashtags #ISaidYesAtCrackerBarrel and #Contest. Then, they have to write a dissertation on why they chose to make a life-changing decision inside a Cracker Barrel.

I’d be willing to bet at least half of these entries will say something along the lines of, “I got engaged at Cracker Barrel because you promised us free food.”

They should win based on their honesty. I hope they don’t give it to a couple of brown-nosers who try to say Cracker Barrel was central to their relationship.

Speaking of which, I’ve got a strange personal relationship with Cracker Barrel. When I was a kid, my family never ate at them. However, we always used them as rest stops on road trips. I spent lots of time in my youth emptying my bladder at “The Barrel” and perusing their inventory. Not at the same time though.

I was well into my teens before I realized Cracker Barrel’s primary function was as a restaurant, and not — as I had thought — a toilet. A toilet that happened to sell various tchotchkes and DVDs of shows you’d otherwise see on MeTV.

Fortunately for me, I’ll soon be able to point to five couples with a stranger relationship to the down-home chain than mine.

At least they got some free grub out of the deal.

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