You Be the Judge: Is This Trevor Lawrence Dressed As Female Volleyball Player?

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Trevor Lawrence has another imposter. This time Imposter Trevor is dressed like a volleyball player and it has so many people fooled that the Clemson QB had to step in and address the situation. “Brooo people really think this is me I can’t even blame them it’s not though,” Lawrence wrote on Twitter.

At this point, if you’re a guy with shoulder-length blonde hair and can get your hands on a headband, you can fool social media. The great news here is that we can all share a laugh and Lawrence has a good time with all the imposters. In fact, I’m calling on more Americans to impersonate Trevor. Let’s have some fun, laugh a little bit and get happier in general.

Bella Martina was the girl in 2019 who went viral for her Lawrence impersonations and it’s been one after another since then.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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