‘Yellowstone’ Star Floats Possibility He Could Be Killed Off Amid Chaos On The Show

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It sounds like Wes Bentley is very aware anything is possible on “Yellowstone.”

At the moment, the future of “Yellowstone” is incredibly fluid amid chaos consuming the show. Kevin Costner reportedly might be on his way out with Matthew McConaughey on the way in.

The show is also slated to return this summer for the rest of season five. However, it’s unclear if that will actually happen. Filming might be delayed past the slated start date in March, and all bets appear to be off.

That means nobody might be safe, including the man famous for playing Jamie Dutton.

Wes Bentley sounds unsure of his future on “Yellowstone.” (Credit: Paramount Network)

Wes Bentley understands that Jamie could get killed.

“I thought about this in season one because it’s always a possibility in TV, right? We’re always ready to die… [And John] really has got this hypnotic pull on Jamie,” Bentley said during an interview with TVLine.com when talking about his future on the show.

Bentley further added that it’s “inevitable” something eventually has to happen between Jamie and Beth, and I think we all know that means one of them has to die.

Interestingly, he also confirmed John will be a target for Jamie as well. Perhaps, the writers can use that as an avenue to dump Kevin Costner by the end of season five. At a minimum, the door is wide open.

Will Jamie be killed off on “Yellowstone.” (Credit: Paramount Network)

“Yellowstone” fans want answers and stability.

The fact Wes Bentley is openly speculating about his future on “Yellowstone” seems to be a pretty solid idea nobody knows what will happen.

Creator Taylor Sheridan has apparently always known the ending. Who he has chosen to share that information with has been incredibly limited.

Now, his perfect ending for “Yellowstone” appears to possibly no longer be an option. Fans have waited years for a conclusion, and it might all go up in flames if Costner walks. This is what is called a critical disaster in any industry.

Will Kevin Costner leave “Yellowstone” before the show ends? (Credit: Paramount Network)

Hopefully, “Yellowstone” fans get some answers sooner than later. As I said on OutKick360 with Chad Withrow, if the show comes crashing down, fans will be furious. We simply can’t let the great series collapse over contract issues. Get it figured out, Sheridan.

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