‘Yellowstone’ Star Reacts To Matthew McConaughey Spinoff: ‘Hell Yeah’

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“Yellowstone” star Josh Lucas is excited for whatever is coming with Matthew McConaughey.

Paramount Media Networks President and CEO Chris McCarthy confirmed in a recent interview a series with the former “True Detective” star is happening with or without Kevin Costner.

There’s been plenty of chatter the man responsible for playing John Dutton might pack it in and leave the series. Kevin Costner and other stars didn’t show up to a previously scheduled media event over the weekend, which sent speculation skyrocketing that something is happening.

Will Kevin Costner leave “Yellowstone”? (Credit: Paramount Network)

Josh Lucas is a fan of Matthew McConaughey joining the “Yellowstone” universe.

Josh Lucas, who plays young John Dutton, did show up to PaleyFest, and touched on McConaughey joining the “Yellowstone” universe. He’s amped up to say the least.

Lucas told ET the following when asked about Matthew McConaughey joining the iconic western universe:

I’m always so fascinated to see what Taylor [Sheridan] is doing as he tells the story. The thing that moves me or surprises me most is that every time I think something is too crazy or too fantastical, it turns out it’s based on a true story from Taylor’s life or from something that is very close to the cowboys that all of this story is about or the family that he knows he’s telling. I’m sure he has great ideas how these characters merge together. Part of the mystery of the mind of that creator is waiting for it to be unleashed in a way. Hell yeah. Bring it on.

Fans are waiting for answers.

There had been some light on the horizon when it was revealed in a Wes Bentley profile he was heading to Montana to finish filming season five.

Now, it’s unclear if that’s still the case or not. There appear to be some dueling narratives about whether or not filming is going to get underway soon.

Josh Lucas discusses Matthew McConaughey joining the “Yellowstone” universe. (Credit: Paramount Network)

From the outside looking in, it certainly seems like Taylor Sheridan and other people involved are ready to move off Costner.

Does that mean John Dutton will die and McConaughey enters the current “Yellowstone” show? Or, will “Yellowstone” proceed normally and there will be an entirely new series.

Matthew McConaughey is joining the “Yellowstone” universe. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for HISTORY)

As a “Yellowstone” fan, I’m fascinated to see what McConaughey can bring to the table. He’s an excellent actor. “True Detective” season one is an all-time classic. It might be the single greatest season of TV ever. McConaughey is largely responsible for the show’s success.

Fans are in for an incredible time if he brings that same kind of dark energy to “Yellowstone.”

Will “Yellowstone” end early? (Credit: Paramount Network)

We’ll see how it all shakes out, but there’s plenty of ways Taylor Sheridan could go. Make sure to keep checking back to OutKick for all the updates as we have them.

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