‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Brings Character To Life, Announces He’s Dating Bombshell Co-Star Hassie Harrison

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Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison are bringing their “Yellowstone” characters to life with a little off-screen romance.

Bingham is famous for playing Walker in the hit Paramount Network western, and a prominent season four storyline was his love interest in Laramie, who is played by Harrison.

The entire storyline hit a boiling point when Loyd stabbed Walker in the chest over the love triangle. Honestly, it was a bit over-the-top for most “Yellowstone” fans, but definitely still fun.

Now, it turns out Harrison and Bingham are dating in real life.

Ryan Bingham announces relationship with Hassie Harrison.

The famous country music singer and actor announced Wednesday on Instagram the two are a duo in real life.

As Johnny Drama said in “Entourage,” the on-set romance is a time honored tradition in Hollywood. It appears that, yet again, “Entourage” knew what it was doing.

Just in case there was any doubt (there definitely shouldn’t be), Harrison also confirmed the news in the comments section.

Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham announce they’re dating. (Credit: Instagram)

“Yellowstone” fans will go crazy for this.

Those barrel racers sure are crazy, aren’t they? One day you’re an actress on arguably the best show on TV, and the next, you’re dating a famous country singer and a man with some actual cowboy vibes.

Is this a power couple? It definitely is. No way it’s not. It’s a major “Yellowstone” star hitching himself with one of the rising actresses in Taylor Sheridan’s western universe.

At the very least, Walker and Laramie are a power couple on the show.

Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images for Paramount)

Ryan Bingham just can’t stop winning.

Seriously, what a run for Ryan Bingham over the past few years. His music is more popular than it ever has been, he’s been a major TV star since “Yellowstone” premiered in 2018 and he’s now dating Hassie Harrison.

Donald Trump liked to talk about winning, but I’m pretty sure this is what real winning might look like.

Dude has been on an unstoppable run and he’s dating Laramie! What a winning streak for our guy Ryan Bingham!

Ryan Bingham announces relationship with Hassie Harrison. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Also, if you haven’t listened to any of Ryan Bingham’s music, today is a great day to start. It’s some of the best music out there. Is it folk? Is it country? Bingham’s tunes are a bit of a mixture, but all of it is awesome. Definitely worth your time, and of course, you’re already a fan if you watch “Yellowstone.”

Ryan Bingham is a very popular country music star. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Congratulations to the happy couple. Hopefully, we don’t see a collapse between Walker and Laramie whenever “Yellowstone” returns.

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