‘Yellowstone’ Not Expected To Return For A Very Long Time

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“Yellowstone” fans better start mentally preparing for a long wait until new episode drop.

The hit neo-Western with Kevin Costner went on a mid-season break after episode eight of season five aired January 1, 2023.

The show has been engulfed by chaos ever since. Creator Taylor Sheridan ultimately decided the series will end with the conclusion of season five, which was supposed to return in November.

When will “Yellowstone” return? (Credit: Paramount Network)

“Yellowstone” could be on break for a long time.

However, it seems like that’s definitely not going to happen. The Hollywood Reporter reported the “most likely” return timeline is at some point in 2024.

The writers’ strike, actors’ strike, Kevin Costner claiming he’s no longer under contract and several other issues are causing the show’s delay.

“Yellowstone” not expected to return until 2024. (Credit: Paramount Network)

THR reported “Yellowstone” hadn’t even started production on the final episodes before Hollywood was crippled by strikes.

Sheridan’s scripts are also not finished, and he’s not writing due to the strike.

Fans need to be ready for a long wait.

I’ve been saying for a long there was no way “Yellowstone” would return in November. No way. That was clear even before the strikes started.

A lot of it comes down to Taylor Sheridan. How can he finish the series if it’s not even known if the show’s star will return? It makes the writing process borderline impossible.

If Costner was all in and committed, production likely would have started months ago. As we all know, there have been major problems behind the scenes, and that’s what led to the series coming to a sooner-than-expected end.

“Yellowstone” ending with season five. (Credit: Paramount Network)

A long “Yellowstone” break would be brutal.

There are few things worse in entertainment than a long break between seasons. Nobody wants to see it happen.

Having to wait a year or more is simply brutal. Nothing was worse than the three-year gap between “Stranger Things” seasons three and four.

While “Yellowstone” fans definitely won’t have to wait that long for new episodes, the end of season five is certainly not around the corner. At this point, fans can safely rule out a November return.

It’s a situation nobody is going to be happy about.

The future of “Yellowstone” remains up in the air. (Credit: Paramount Network)

More than anything, let’s all just hope the ending of “Yellowstone” lives up to expectations. The show is already ending sooner than anticipated. The last thing fans want is a disappointing ending. Fortunately, Taylor Sheridan doesn’t miss. Let’s hope that holds true one more time.

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