Yellowstone Actress Claims Kevin Costner Has ‘Own Section Of The Mountain,’ Doesn’t Interact Much With Others

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Kevin Costner allegedly doesn’t spend much time interacting with others on the set of “Yellowstone.”

The hit western series is currently facing several issues amid rumors Kevin Costner might want off the show, which his reps have denied. The series is currently on a mid-season break, and filming for the rest of season five was supposed to start in March.

It’s unclear whether or not that will happen.

To add a little fuel to the rumor fires, new cast member Orli Gottesman made some comments about Kevin Costner during a recent interview that definitely makes it sound like he doesn’t spend a ton of time with others on set.

“I’ve never formally met him. But I was on set the same day that he was working, and I wouldn’t have ever known that he was on set unless I hadn’t physically seen him. He has his own trailer, he has his own section of the mountain or whatever. So when people are like, ‘Hey, we’re ready for you,’ he walks on down, he does his work, and no one’s in his business. So I’ve never met him … but I will, hopefully, one day,” Gottesman said during an interview with Taste of Country.

Should her comments concern “Yellowstone” fans?

By themselves, the comments are pretty harmless. They read like a man who just enjoys privacy. However, in the context of the show possibly going up in flames and Costner only wanting to work a week to shoot the rest of season five (again, denied by his people), the comments are fascinating.

When you read them with all the other information fans, it reads like Costner doesn’t have a ton of interest in hanging out with other “Yellowstone” cast members.

Granted, Gottesman is a new addition and not part of the original crew. Should that make a difference? Probably not, but there’s always a transition period whenever anyone joins a team late in the journey.

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Is Kevin Costner leaving “Yellowstone”? (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

More than anything, fans just want stability. Is Costner in or out? Is the show ending or not? It’s really not complex. Fans just want answers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear like we’ll get any soon. The show will continue to be shrouded in secrecy and carnage for the foreseeable future. It’s really a shame what has happened. Hopefully, Taylor Sheridan gets everything ironed out. If the faithful “Yellowstone” fans are robbed of a proper ending, the outrage will be deafening.

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