Kevin Costner Lands New Role Amid Nonstop ‘Yellowstone’ Carnage

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“Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner’s schedule is about to get a bit busier.

The face of the Paramount Network series will host and produce the eight-part docuseries “Wild West” for History Channel, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The series will explore “the clichés and myths of the ‘Wild West’ and features various perspectives that ‘capture the spirit of opportunity, adventure and peril through the diverse, complex characters and untold stories that defined the era and continue to shape our country today.'”

Kevin Costner will star in History Channel docuseries. (Credit: Getty Images)

“I am in love with history. I love the rich, heroic and harrowing stories of the West. The people and their stories have always held a fascination for me, but there’s an urgency today to put those times and the men and women who we think we know in perspective, in the context of their times, without judgement,” Costner explained in part in a statement announcing the news.

Why does this matter for Kevin Costner and “Yellowstone” fans?

This might not be great news for “Yellowstone” fans. One of the reported issues behind the scenes is Costner only wants to work a week to shoot the rest of season five.

He’s apparently not eager to commit a ton more time to the series, despite the fact it might be the biggest show on TV.

Costner’s lawyer has denied the claim he doesn’t want to commit to more days.

Will Kevin Costner leave “Yellowstone”? (Credit:

However, we all only have a finite amount of time. Costner has “Yellowstone,” his Civil War films and now a major project with History Channel.

Something has to give. That’s simply a fact. Judging from what we’ve read recently, it would seem the Taylor Sheridan created series will be the one most likely to be dumped.

Remember, there was also a report Sheridan is “furious” with the situation. The TV genius can’t even write the rest of season five until there’s clarity on Costner’s status. It was also reported the most powerful man in TV might be getting ready to kill John Dutton of “Yellowstone.”

That would obviously bring an end to Kevin Costner’s tenure on the series. Is that guaranteed to happen? Absolutely not. At this point, nothing is guaranteed, but as a die hard “Yellowstone” fan, Costner landing a new role with a big time commitment shouldn’t be viewed as good news.

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