‘Yellowstone’ Star Predicts Grim Fate For Major Character

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Kelly Reilly seems to think at least one “Yellowstone” character will meet a brutal and bloody end.

The hit western from Taylor Sheridan is currently on a midseason break, and will end for good with the season five finale.

When will that be? The show is supposed to return in November, but nobody thinks that’s going to happen due to ongoing strikes and issues with Kevin Costner.

However, whenever it does return, the woman famous for playing Beth seems to think Rip won’t be breathing by the time fans are served an epic conclusion.

Kelly Reilly suggests there will be a lot of pain in the “Yellowstone” ending. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Kelly Reilly predicts a sad “Yellowstone” ending.

“Beth is haunted by her past. She has a lot of regrets and she has a lot of secrets that he doesn’t know… There is something that is under the surface that will one day, I’m sure, come, and she’s probably certain that she will lose him,” Reilly says on the commentary for the Blu-ray of the first half of season one discussing the topic, according to Yahoo.

Translation: Kelly Reilly certainly seems to think Rip dies by the time the credits roll one last time.

Who will survive the ending of “Yellowstone”? (Credit: Paramount Network)

The ending will likely be a bloodbath.

I have no inside knowledge and no idea how the series will end. All I know for sure is Taylor Sheridan doesn’t really hand out happy endings. Nobody rides off into the sunset with a bunch of joy. People tend to die.

“Yellowstone” is almost certainly going to end with pretty much everyone dying. It’s going to be a massacre. Most characters surviving would go against everything Sheridan has been building.

Now, will Rip be among the dead? I’m not so sure. I’m really not. In fact, I’d argue Rip living and Beth dying would be a far crueler fate.

Rip is in the most successful part of his life. He’s finally part of the family and with the woman he’s chased for most of his life. Her dying and him surviving would be a fate almost too cruel for TV, and that’s why I’d bet on it happening over Rip dying and Beth living.

Will Rip die on “Yellowstone”? (Credit: Paramount Network)

All we know for sure is fans can’t wait to see how the “Yellowstone” journey ends. It’s been one of the best shows on TV ever since it premiered in 2018. Just don’t get your hopes up for a lot of smiles. That’s simply not going to happen.

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