FREAK ALERT: Fastest Growing Baby Names Are ‘Yellowstone’ Characters

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Some people are taking their joy for “Yellowstone” a bit too far these days.

The show is in its final season, and after an incredible run since 2018, the Kevin Costner-led western will end with the rest of season five.

Taylor Sheridan gave fans a series millions are passionate about and addicted to. However, there’s a level of fandom that is simply too far.

The two fastest growing baby boy names in the country are Dutton and Kayce, according to data compiled by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Yes, people are naming their children after the youngest Dutton son and the family in general. Does that seem normal to you? It definitely doesn’t to me.

People are naming their kids after “Yellowstone” characters. (Credit: Paramount Network)

This is a bizarre move from some “Yellowstone” fans.

As all loyal OutKick readers know, I’m a huge fan of the entire “Yellowstone” universe Taylor Sheridan has created.

It’s exceptional TV. The original saga and the prequels have been fire. It’s appointment television in an era where most stuff is unwatchable.

However, naming your kid after TV characters isn’t just a step too far. It’s a bit weird. Imagine explaining to people your kid’s name is Dutton or Kayce because you really love “Yellowstone.”

“Yellowstone” ending with season five. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Furthermore, John Dutton’s fate has almost certainly been sealed. With Kevin Costner leaving the series, you can bet the house John is going to die, and there’s no guarantee he goes out looking like a hero.

So, you might have named your son after a guy who turns out to be anything but great. You sure you really want to do that? You sure about that?

Even with Kayce, it’s incredibly weird. Kayce is a good guy, but he does a lot of bad things. Naming your kid after TV characters is very weird no matter the show.

It’s even stranger when you consider there are no real heroes in “Yellowstone.” That’s kind of the entire point. Everyone lives in the gray area, and John Dutton absolutely breaks the law and murders people.

People are naming their sons Kayce and Dutton. (Credit: Paramount Network)

We all love “Yellowstone,” but let’s chill with naming kids after TV characters. That’s just a bridge too far.

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