Yanks’ Gio Urshela Draws A Walk … On Three Balls

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Gio Urshela got a gift Friday night and no one seemed to notice.

During the New York Yankees game against the Detroit Tigers, the third baseman walked on three pitches and not one person appeared to be aware.

In the top of the sixth inning with one out, Urshela dug in to face Kyle Funkhouser. The first pitch was a ball, up and in (1-0) and the second was fouled off to the left side (1-1).

The third was a called strike on the outside corner (1-2), while the fourth was a check-swing foul ball (1-2). The fifth was a ball high (2-2). The sixth was fouled off (2-2). The seventh was fouled off (2-2). The eighth was fouled off (2-2). The ninth was a ball and Urshela walked to first on what should have been a 3-2 count, the Big Lead reports.

Urshela just tossed his bat aside and head to first, and nobody from the Tigers appeared to argue. The Yankees did not end up scoring in the inning and eventually lost 3-2 in extras.

Written by Megan Turner

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