Adult Video Site Makes Strategic Bid to Become Yankees Patch Sponsor

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Major League Baseball will allow teams to wear sponsored patches for the first time in 2023. And an adult website has its sights set on the most prized uniform in baseball.

A company called Stripchat, which live-streams wild sex, offered the Yankees a $20 million deal to become their exclusive patch sponsor.

“We want to expand the visibility of Stripchat across the globe and we know the patch will be one of the most visible assets for one of the most popular clubs in sports,” Stripchat Vice President Max Bennett said in a statement that Fox News Digital obtained.

“What better way than to stick our logo on the sleeves of Yankees players? It makes too much sense for the Yankees to work together with the leading adult live cam site. Let’s turn pinstripes into pin-strips!”

Before you think this story is much ado about nothing because the Yankees aren’t about to promote sexual webcams, know that this is a brilliant marketing stunt by Stripchat.

Stripchat knows that the team won’t accept the offer, but is enjoying the publicity that comes with making the offer.

“Watch Naked Models in our Adult Live Sex Cams Community. ❤️ It’s FREE & No Registration Needed. 4000+ LIVE Cam Girls and Couples are Ready to Chat” is one way to market. Tricking people like me into putting the name of the company in the headline with the Yankees is another.

Sports fans were likely unaware of Stripchat and its offering until today. It’s strategic PR. And who knows, perhaps baseball fans are into that type of content?

We don’t judge either way.

The adult site also made an offer that makes the bid believable. In April, Motorola agreed to sponsor the San Diego Padres with patches next year for $10 million. A spot on the Yankees uniforms is worth at least double a spot on the Padres’

Here’s what a Stripchat-sponsored Yankees uniform could have looked like:

Image via Fox News.

Still, it doesn’t mean New York sports fans won’t soon be supporting Stripchat, now that they are aware.

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