Yankees GM Brian Cashman Pathetically Preaches Patience After 5-10 Start

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After starting the season 5-10 and being booed off the field on multiple occasions, the New York Yankees decided to set up a press conference for GM Brian Cashman. He was supposed to lighten the mood, but essentially all he did was punt and insist fans wait for the fourth quarter comeback. It’s embarrassing and Yankees fans should expect more.


Cashman is saying that manager Aaron Boone is completely safe. He’s at least satisfied with the job Boone is doing, and he wants the focus to be on the players.

That’s fair. So let’s do exactly that: outside of two-time batting champion DJ LeMahieu, who is hitting .286, no one is over .255. The Yankees had FIVE starters in yesterday’s 4-2 loss to the rival Tampa Bay Rays hitting under .200. That is a losing equation, no matter how Aaron Boone writes that lineup. Aaron Hicks, who’s sitting at .160, is doubling as a human lineup clog. God forbid LeMahieu and Judge get on base — how likely is it that Hicks drives them in? I’m no Isaac Newton, but the odds ain’t high.

I think we need to address the real problem for Brian Cashman and this entire organization: The players aren’t that good. They stink. They aren’t hitting, fielding, or pitching well. And what’s most important is that they haven’t done any of these things well since 2017.

“But they average a bunch of runs”

Yeah, and here’s my rebuttal to that: The New York Yankees are built to destroy bad teams like the rebuilding Orioles. That’s literally it. This offense gets shut down against any good team and then they drop 12 runs in their at-bats off four- or five-starter on a random Tuesday night in Seattle.

The next thing you know, the Yankees average “X” number of runs and it’s presumed to be an “elite offense.” I’m here to debunk that garbage offensive system, and I insist that Yankees ownership and Brian Cashman find better players. You can call it buying players or investing in talent for all I care. Just find a center fielder who isn’t a career .233 hitter. Let’s quit the charade of preaching patience for players who “average” poor results. A $6 billion Yankees organization can do much better.

Hitting homers against some dookie five starter to boost “averages” shouldn’t be the goal. The Yankees are losing to good teams consistently because they aren’t one of them. Make the Yankees great again, ownership. Improve this team, no matter the cost.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Hicks can’t seem to get past the SJW stuff going on in Minny and elsewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does a Colin K somehow, somewhere. His mind is not on baseball, and Aaron Boone is being a pussy by not sitting him. Can’t field, can’t hit, won’t run hard. If he was a pitcher he could get away with that shit, but please…find a seat over there on the bench and we’ll talk after the mid-season break.

  2. It seems their offense is nothing more than home runs or bust. With a lot of busting. Probably has a lot to do with the shift, the sticky stuff the pitchers use, and the fact a lot of them either need mental days off or time off for menstrual cramps.

  3. So spot on with the analysis!

    I watch or keep up with very little MLB but from a pure outside observer – if your investment in players isn’t paying off, which isn’t hasn’t for over 5yrs – your investment strategy isn’t working.

    The Yankees are a bloated payroll – nothing more. Certainly less in some respects though.

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